Campionato d’Iraq 02/22 13:30 - Al Najaf v Erbil SC D 1-1
Campionato d’Iraq 02/19 13:30 - Karbalaa FC v Erbil SC W 3-5
Campionato d’Iraq 02/12 13:30 - Erbil SC v Newroz SC D 1-1
Campionato d’Iraq 12/23 14:00 - Erbil SC v Al Zawra'a L 0-1
Campionato d’Iraq 12/05 16:00 - Erbil SC v Naft Al-Wasat W 1-0
Campionato d’Iraq 12/01 18:30 - Al Talaba v Erbil SC L 1-0
Campionato d’Iraq 11/09 18:30 - Al Shorta SC v Erbil SC L 2-1
Campionato d’Iraq 11/03 16:00 - Erbil SC v Al Kahrabaa W 1-0
Coppa dell'Iraq 08/05 17:00 - Al Quwa Al Jawiya v Erbil SC L 1-0
Coppa dell'Iraq 07/31 17:00 - Al Hudod v Erbil SC W 0-1
Campionato d’Iraq 06/30 13:45 - Al Sinaah v Erbil SC W 1-2
Campionato d’Iraq 06/24 18:30 - Erbil SC v Al Karkh - View


 TotalIn casaFuori casa
Partite disputate 18 6 12
Wins 9 4 5
Draws 3 1 2
Losses 6 1 5
Goals for 24 6 18
Goals against 18 2 16
Clean sheets 6 4 2
Failed to score 3 1 2

Wikipedia - Erbil SC

Erbil Sports Club (Arabic: نادي أربيل الرياضي) is a professional sports club based in the city of Erbil, Iraq that plays in the Iraq Stars League, the first-tier of Iraqi football.

For the first time in its history, Erbil became champions of the Iraqi Premier League after beating Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya (1–0) in the final game on Friday, 6 July 2007. On 24 August 2008, Erbil retained their status as Iraqi Premier League champions with a win over Baghdad based Al-Zawraa. On 16 July 2009 Erbil became the champion of Iraq's super league for the third consecutive year after beating Najaf FC. They also won the league in 2012 with only one loss.

Erbil Sport Club is the first Iraq team to qualify for the Asian Champions League and the Arab Champions League. In 2012 and 2014 they reached the AFC Cup final but lost both times. Erbil SC is the first Iraqi Premier League team to get players from outside Iraq.



Erbil SC was founded on 3 November 1968, by the former Kurdistan-Iraq Football Association and spent many years in mid-table obscurity, occasionally challenging the top Iraqi sides.


After the turn of the century and the beginning of the Iraq War, Erbil FC has dramatically improved and have become a real powerhouse in Iraqi club football. Top Iraqi players from southern Iraq and international players from around the world have begun coming to the kurdistan region and to Erbil SC to play their trade with good wages and relative safety.

Nadhim Shaker and glory years

In the summer of 2005, Shaker left rivals Duhok SC to coach Erbil. In the 2005–06 season, Erbil started slow, only just managing to finish third in Group A just ahead of Sirwan FC on goal difference to advance to the second round. Erbil topped their group in the second round to advance to the end of season play-offs where they met southern giants Najaf FC in a two-legged home and away tie. Erbil were beaten by Najaf by a 4–1 scoreline which basically dented all hope of reaching the play-off final for the title. In the home leg, Erbil were winning 1–0 when the match got suspended with a replay taking place five days later with the match resulting in a 1–1 scoreline. This meant Erbil were knocked out of a chance of winning the championship but would instead take part in the third-place play-off match. This match didn't take place as in the other semi-final match between the two Baghdad giants, Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya and Al-Zawra'a. The second match of the leg was cancelled as the Al-Quwa players walked off the pitch, resulting in their disqualification and Erbil getting the automatic third-place finish. All in all, it was a strong first season under Shaker and that summer the team improved personnel ready for the next season.

L'Erbil Sport Club (in arabo: نادي أربيل الرياضي‎), noto come Erbil SC, è una squadra di calcio irachena della città di Erbil. Milita nella Prima Lega irachena, la massima serie del campionato iracheno di calcio.

Fondato nel 1968, l'Erbil SC ha vinto il campionato iracheno sei volte, la Coppa dell'Iraq quattro volte e la Supercoppa dell'Iraq una volta. A livello internazionale, ha vinto la AFC Cup nel 2012.

L'Erbil SC gioca le partite casalinghe allo stadio Franso Hariri, che ha una capacità di 30.000 spettatori.

La squadra è soprannominata "Le Aquile Verdi" per i colori della maglia, verde e bianco.

L'Erbil SC è una delle squadre di calcio più titolate dell'Iraq e ha una grande tifoseria. La squadra è nota per il suo stile di gioco offensivo e per la sua capacità di segnare molti gol.

Alcuni dei giocatori più famosi che hanno giocato nell'Erbil SC sono:

* Hawar Mulla Mohammed
* Yaser Kasim
* Justin Meram
* Ahmed Yasin Ghani
* Ali Adnan Kadhim